White Flag Emergency Shelter

As of 01/16/22 - 3,182 Bed nights provided to 515 people

White Flag Shelter nights are called when the temperatures are expected to be 35 degrees or below. 


Currently Declared WF Shelter Nights:

Updated each Friday at noon


To help with capacity planning, we have declared White Flag for the next 1½ weeks. Temps are dropping to critical lows. Below are the updated dates. We will continue to monitor, and if the temps change dramatically, we will review these current declarations.


Friday, Jan 21
Saturday, Jan 22
Sunday, Jan 23

Monday, Jan 24
Tuesday, Jan 25
Wednesday, Jan 26
Thursday, Jan 27

Friday, Jan 28
Saturday, Jan 29
Sunday, Jan 30
Monday, Jan 31
Tuesday, Feb 01


Shelter opens at 5pm on declared days. 

St. John's MCC

SJMCC is serving as the main White Flag Shelter location for the 2021-2022 Winter Season


622 Maywood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27603

919.726.0727 (call)



Volunteers help ensure staff and maintain the shelter. As a volunteer you can staff the shelter or you can assist outside of operational hours to ensure that the shelter is prepared and process donations.


Running a shelter requires a lot of resources. See the list of needed items below.

If you would like to help contribute or would like to learn more ways you or your group can get involved, please click the button below.


The staff / volunteer portal will allow to access your schedule, see needs, and other important information. 

Staff Needed


If you are interested in a staff position, please complete the application by clicking the button below. This is a season/part-time position. 


Due to space, we are limited to the following donations for the Shelter. If you have other items that you would like to donate, please contact us and we will help find an appropriate home for your donation. 

Items Needed:

Bottled water

Snack items (individually wrapped)

Breakfast items (ready to eat) (individually wrapped) 




Trash Bags (55 gallon)

Cleaning Supplies, Bathroom Cleaner

Socks, underware (new)

Hand Warmers (hot hands)