St. John's MCC Digital Campus

You don't have to live in Raleigh or be able to get to the 4 N. Blount St. facility to be a part of St. John's MCC.


Join our Digital Campus Community and Build Authentic Relationships around the world! Rev. Wanda Floyd is our dedicated Digital Campus Pastor leading and guiding our digital family in group activities and spiritual growth including:


Interactive Sunday worship

Weekly communal prayer videos

Inspirational and though provoking group posts

Mid-Week Manna Wednesdays

Online book studies


Rev. Floyd is also available for one-on-one conversations via email, chat and video calls.

Rev. Wanda Floyd

Digital Campus Pastor

Rev. Wanda Floyd, Digital Campus Pastor for St. John's MCC, leads us in prayer & reflection every Wednesday.


Submit your prayer requests via our Digital Campus Facebook Group or email her at

Midweek Manna on Wednesdays
each Wednesday live on Facebook

at 11am and 8pm ET • 8am and 5pm PT

Front Porch Sitting

Guided Conversations

Wednesday at 7pm

Open & honest conversations on the hot topics that polite people are not supose to discuss like religion, politics and sex.


Summer (July & August) Topics


You Asked For It - Bring It On

Whatever is making news or on our minds that day.

Living Room Series

in October


Celebrating 55 Years of MCC!  Our Sunday worship in October is centralized in "The Living Room" as we celebrate the birth of MCC!


We will host worship in living rooms around the world!


What we'd like to invite you to do:


  • Capture a selfie video from your living room with a simple message: Welcome to MCC! (send in by September 5th)


Are you willing to host Pastor Vance for an October sermon or maybe celebrate communion, read scripture, provide a worship song, assist with the welcome or closing discussion from your home? 


There are both LIVE and prerecorded options.


If so, please click below.

Digital Campus Studies

Colors of Hope
Book Study


October 5 - November 9

7pm ET, 4pm PT

Via the Digital Campus


A devotional series based on the colors of the Pride rainbow presented by Editor and former St. John's MCC member, Melissa Guthrie.


Find the book on Amazon.



Stay up to date with all of the church happenings going on throughout the month! Make sure to check back from time to time, as we are always up to something!