Unlikely Disciple


Summer Sermon Series

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Unlikely Disciple: The Life of Peter

Unlikely Disciple: Peter, Fisherman, Disciple

Peter was an unlikely person to follow Jesus. He was rough, passionate, and ill-tempered; yet, God chose him to be a leader in the church.

Unlikely Disciple: Peter’s Confession, Disciple, Rebuke

Peter had highs and lows—sometimes all at once! One of those times, he confesses Jesus as the Christ and then is rebuked by Jesus because of his lack of understanding.

Unlikely Disciple: Peter’s Denial; Peter’s Redemption

Peter even denied knowing Jesus but was redeemed after his failure.

Unlikely Disciple: Peter’s Sermon, Pentecost, Holy Spirit

Peter went from a failed disciple to an apostle empowered to preach and lead the new church through the power of God’s Spirit.

Unlikely Disciple: Peter, Gentiles, Confrontation

God revealed to Peter the salvation of gentiles. However, even after Peter’s vision, he still struggled with biases and peer pressure and God had to confront him.

Unlikely Disciple: Peter, Spiritual Growth

Peter’s letters reveal his growth and maturity as a believer and leader.