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Shelter Staff
Shift Supervisor
Shelter Staff

Bryant Center Staffing

Shelter Monitor

Position Overview: Shelter Services Staff are vital in ensuring that guests of the Bryant Center Shelter Program have a positive and safe experience. This position involves offering empathetic support, disseminating information about the shelter program, and nurturing an environment of respect and inclusivity.



Greet guests of the Bryant Center Shelter Program, fostering a respectful and inclusive atmosphere.


Explain the shelter's services and guidelines, addressing queries and concerns.

Assist guests in understanding the rules and routines of the shelter.


Register new guests and maintain precise records of shelter usage.


Help in scheduling and organizing resources for guests, ensuring meticulous and current records.


Work closely with staff to ensure a smooth transition of guests and activities within the shelter.


Alert appropriate staff members of any emergencies or issues that occur.


Keep a tidy and organized shelter space, ensuring sufficient materials and supplies.


Aid in data entry and record-keeping tasks, guaranteeing accuracy and confidentiality.


Uphold the core values and mission of St. John's MCC and the Bryant Center Shelter Program in all interactions and activities.



Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, with the capacity to interact with individuals from various backgrounds.


Empathetic and respectful demeanor, with a dedication to providing supportive service.

Superior organizational and time management skills, with attention to detail.


Ability to manage sensitive information discreetly and maintain confidentiality.


Fundamental computer skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and email communication.


Ability to adapt to the changing needs and priorities in a dynamic environment.


Strong commitment to the mission and values of St. John's MCC and the Bryant Center Shelter Program.

Shift Supervisor